Happy Friday!

As the alarm goes off at 7:10am, my eyes pop open and I immediately press snooze. Just for five quick minutes. I open my eyes again and just start looking right to my boyfriend, Jeremy. He lays there so peacefully, dreaming about me probably as he always tells me. As I try to get up, our two kittens are already compliant that we finally got up & that there isn’t enough food for the three of them. Jeremy handles that and making morning coffee. He knows me best. I need coffee in the morning before anything gets accomplished. Especially in my favorite coffee mug (pictured above)! I’ve realized I’ve become that crazy cat lady who doesn’t want to leave the house before kissing all the cats goodbye. The mugs actually came as a set “Cat Mom” & “Cat Dad.” I purchased these during the holiday season and can’t find them anywhere in pet stores or online, so they must be very exclusive.

Leaving the house by 8:09am gets me to work five minutes before work or right on time. As long as you give yourself plenty of time to drive in the am, your morning will go a lot smoother, trust me. I’ve gotten into accidents before because I was rushing for work because I left at the last minute. Learned my lesson real fast. Owning a family restaurant is a lot of work. Working with my dad and my Jeremy really gives me a good feeling because we are working as a team to feed people delicious food as well as giving ourselves a good reputation in the neighborhood.

I love working with people and of course dealing with the public you never know what personality will walk through the door next. My family has been in the restaurant business for 35 years. My father is a professional and wants to leave Jeremy & I with the legacy. On that note, y’all have an amazing Friday! I’m excited to see what my night time festivities after work include!

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