Working On My Fitness

Growing up as a dancer until I was the age of 20, I never really stepped foot in a gym. Until two weeks ago. I am really petite already so I don’t really want to bulk up, I just want everything to be nice & tight! My main focus is my gluteus, thighs, & butt. My apartment complex has a very nice updated gym which is 24/7. I couldn’t imagine having another bill to pay t go to the gym. I’ll save my money for some more sports bras and leggings. Going to the gym every other day is a must. Sunday the restaurant is closed so I do take the whole day to power off & let my mind wander. On that note, I will go to the gym Monday Wednesday Friday. Giving your muscles a day or two is best especially if you haven’t been working out. Newbies like me will be sore much longer in between their workout days. Working out makes me excited because I get to buy cute attire & it benefits my health mind, & body at the same damn time. I figure I would go to my local Sears to purchase some workout clothes and shoes. They have really cute patterns and colors that match with a lot of different pieces to mix & match with. I ended up buying four leggings, fours sports bras, & one pair of New Balance sneakers. I like shopping at department stores especially Sears because of all the good deals & promotions. None of my friends shop at Sears, so no one is ever embarrassed by wearing the same clothing. G-d forbid. The patterns are really cute and the material is very comfortable. Some leggings I try on at Target are really see through showing everything. I don’t notice until of course Jeremy points it out when I bent over to pick up something or the sun shines on my tuchas (Yiddish word for booty). These leggings were approved by my squat routine I managed to power through the other day with a room full of people. If you would like to see more patterns of these leggings, click the picture! It’s very weird that everyone is in one room doing their own workout. Maybe I’m the weird one. For me to get in the gym, I need to watch a workout video with someone actually doing exact same routine with me or counting me down to the end. I managed to find a video on my favorite YouTube channel, a husband & wife duo, that has a workout video for everyone of your goals for the gym.

They also include a weeks meal plan that you can put together way in advance if you have a busy schedule like I do. If you are new to working out like I am, I recommend this channel to introduce you to proper form and exercises to do. Jeremy and I drink an amino acid shake while we are working out to produce more energy during the workout & gets all the muscles activated. I purchased the powder from GNC (You can click on the photo to visit the website) It tastes like a Gatorade drink, just try not to remember you just added a scoop of powder and 8 ounces of water to complete the concoction. The flavor I’m drinking right now is watermelon! It tastes like a jolly rancher drink to be honest.

One hour later when I have completed my warm-up, workout, and post workout stretch, it’s time to walk home. At this moment in time, I’m feeling so great! My body and kind feel amazing! I’m ready to conquer anything that comes at me. I love the feeling of a great workout. Now is the perfect time to eat something, but I would prefer a protein shake. The shake fills you up rather than having another meal. It also helps with growing your muscles that you just exercised. One scoop of this chocolate protein powder & eight ounces of milk gets mixed and you’re ready to sip sip away! I mix my shake in a Bullet Mixer so I don’t have to taste the powder due to my lack of shaking/bartender skills. The special bottle I put my drinks in has a little mixer inside to make sure everything is mixed throughly. I love it the bottle and it had a nice tight cap that closes really good. I usually put my water bottle near my feet while I workout and end up spilling it. The GMC bottle is great for all your other cold drinks. Again, I’m learning about fitness every time I step in the gym so I’ll keep posting anything new I have to share with you!

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