Am I Superstitious or Am I Crazy?

Growing up in a Russian & Jewish household, with my ancestors speaking Yiddish, I was taught what a superstition was. By definition, superstition is “a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation.” Truly meaning you believe in something for a reason, and you don’t even know if the belief is true or not. Sound familiar? Personally it sounds like religion to me. My mother would always make sure none of my siblings & I wouldn’t whistle in the house, it would result in loosing all of out wealth. I don’t know what one has to do with another, but I followed it. As life wasn’t hard enough, my mother would think some of these superstitions would help us in our favor. Another belief that some of my friends said they were familiar with is not crossing a path if a BLACK cat crossed the path first. If anyone were to dare cross that path, they would have bad luck for the rest of their days. Sounds like some Hocus Pocus to me. (P.S. Hocus Pocus is my favorite movie, definitely top 5). I have a black cat with white patches. Knowing me, if I saw the cat cross my path, I would get out of my car like the crazy cat lady that I am, and chase it. I could go on about others, but the one superstitious belief I got attached to was the Hamsa & the evil eye. The Hamsa is a hand essentially of G-D that protects from bad karma and project wealth, happiness, luck. The eye that is seen in the middle of the Hamsa or by itself wards off evil thoughts said from others. I always where a red stringed bracelet that has an Hamsa around my wrist. I don’t go anywhere without it, If I forget the bracelet, I definitely have an off day. This has happened maybe once in the past ten years. I love the Hamsa hand.

I took this picture in Israel in 2013 of a store full of Hamsa hands. I spent half of my money in that store buying jewelry, wall art, & such. I believe the Hamsa & evil eye works and keeps me calm. I actually made the Hamsa art piece with the evil eye in the center with all the jewels!! I painted a white canvas with red paint, but I just painted across the canvas rather than the whole picture being red. Using old jewels I used to make a friends 21st birthday bejeweled liquor bottle five years ago. Oh to be young again. Using a hot glue gun I found in my arts and crafts closet, literally, which came in handy. The biggest struggle was what the design was going to be for the Hamsa. I just decided to be colorful, but put blue in the center to represent the evil eye. I think every Hamsa should have a evil eye in the center. It would definitely be a deal breaker if I was buying a necklace or art piece. I have art pieces of Hamsa hands and the collection is growing! It is so beautiful and just brings good vibes. I will be sharing those art pieces soon. I honestly think every religion and every family has their own “superstition.”

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