If there’s no picture, it never happened.

Memories last a lifetime, whether good or bad. But as I get older (I’m 25) the years start to mix together! The only way I can remember the date of a concert I went to or went on a vacation is by the year I went to college 2011, and the year I moved out with Jeremy 2018. I try to take a picture from every family gathering and everyone Jeremy & I go on a date night. Selfies are my favorite, but angles are everything. I have petite features so I have to get the right angle so my cute little nose doesn’t create a shadow to make it look longer. Long story short, the pictures I take don’t immediately end up on social media. Most end up in my phone and I just scroll through them when I want to reminisce. To help me remember all my amazing memories, I scrapbook everything!! I’ve been scrapbooking with my mother since high school. She actually surprised me for my 18th birthday with scrapbook pages made by all my friends and made a big scrapbook of my life. At the end it has plenty of space for more pages to add.

I’ve been adding pages since 2011! Wow does time fly. Whenever I do choose to scrapbook this is my thinking process. I choose my favorite pictures that I tend to favor. From there I decide whether I want to add a quote, just the place and date, or just a single photo with a lot of beautiful embellishments. Most of my pages do have at least the year and where we went. Nowadays, our phones tell us specifically where our photo was taken, time and date so it’s easy to have the exact date. Some phones will even tell you specifically what public beach we went to or a museum we visited. Freaky shit. I upload my photos that are already on my phone to Walgreens Photo and I pick up my prints the same day. I would use a printer of my own, but I like the nice the finish from the laser printer that they use. I think it’s easier to get the photos printed & there is always a coupon for prints. When I upload the photos, I do use the original photo, not a screenshot or a cropped photo. There is a BIG difference. When you use a photo that is a screenshot, most of the time the photo will be pixelated & will print our blurry. The more you crop a photo, you loose the quality of the original photo. When you upload the photos, it will ask you what size to print. I like to print my photos at the size of 4 x 6. Before placing the order, I always make sure there isn’t a red exclamation point on photos that say “may print pixelated”. At that point those pictures are deleted and I don’t waste my money on a picture that I know will come out looking like a blur. In the meantime, while the photos are being printed. I gather up my supplies that I know I will need. I like to keep my scrapbooking inventory all together in one closet because my cats love to play with paper!

Stickers, embellishments, pens, and scissors go in one box. The rest of my inventory is paper and they are already bunched together in books by theme. They are placed in my craft closet, just like books would look in a library. I have an over supply of scrapbook paper and I don’t think I will buy anything new, until I walk in a Michaels by myself without Jeremy. But when I do go with Jeremy, he loves to walk around each aisle with me, & lets me buy whatever I want. I end up buying just a item or two. I never take of advantage of that man, he loves me too much & he works too hard. He is the cutest. I use a 40% coupon so it’s not too bad! The most important item to buy is the right sticky adhesive stickers. They come in different sizes and different depths to make your photos “pop”! I personally use the stickers that I can stick right on the back of the photo, peel off the extra paper, & stick it where it belongs. Make sure to have a little paper plate or a little Tupperware to put all the little papers from the backing. They can get all over the floor, trust me! I enjoy being crafty and there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook so go for it!!

My mother & I have been scrapbooking a lot lately of recent family events because she was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer so she wants to remember all the good time before the years to come become a little rough. Her favorite part is to just spend time with me and make each other smile & forget about the real world for a few hours. I love my mom with all my heart & scrapbooking will always be our thing. Another reason why I want to continue scrapbooking so I can show my daughter and future generations my past, how we dressed, the culture, & etc. A picture is worth 1000 words! Have fun riding memory lane!! As I write this to you all, I am currently scrapbooking & snapped a photo of my kitten scrapbooking with me. Now I’ll remember that little moment!

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  1. Ben Aqiba says:

    Great post Francesca

    yes memories are eternal just like our emotions. We can forget some event, some offense but we can not forget the emotion that was born in us then !


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