And Sew It Begins.

As a woman, I learned how to sew starting from an early age. When I needed ballet shoes for dance class, the draw band would be separate. Somebody would have to hand sew the band to the shoes so it fit my feet like a slipper. At one point, at the age of 13 or 14, my mother said it was my turn to sew them! It was a simple stitch in the inseam on both adjacent sides. Very simple. As my ballet level advanced, I started to use pointe shoes. These were more difficult to sew because there was ribbon to replace the draw straps. The ribbon needed to be long enough to wrap around my ankle and tied tight. The ribbon is so thin that it makes it difficult to unstitch and reuse the ribbon. I would have to buy multiple at a time. Eventually I learned just like everything in life. You fail a few times, you pick yourself up and try again and again until you succeed! I eventually learned how to use a sewing machine in the 10th grade in home education class. I don’t think they would have kids today handle any bing with needles, so sad. Our first project was a pillow that had a quilt look to it with different colored patches. It was my biggest accomplishment that year. I loved it and gave it to my family dog. He likes to lay on it to this day. I’ll update with a picture soon! As I reminisce, I was thinking to myself that its been a few years since I’ve touched my sewing machine! So where else would I go to find a DIY craft… Pinterest! There are just so many crafts and ideas out there that I love! Of course putting your own style and personality is the most creative part! I have endless amount of different searing projects on my Things I Wanna Sew. After starting my blog not too long ago, I would love to try other bloggers tutorials and give them feedback! Supporting others is awesome in today’s day and age. It’s always nice to give someone words of encouragement or know someone out there is viewing your projects! I don’t know anyone that knows how to use a sewing machine let alone but a whole project together, so Pinterest is a great way to learn. It’s really easy to learn when there are detailed pictures, which all tutorials have. Some are very specific and some are very basic. I was stalking my Instagram followers and discovered a cute clutch bag! I don’t know if it was a makeup bag or a little under the armpit bag. Either way I wanted to make one! I ended up picking this DIY Open Zipper Pouch. It looked very simple to follow with all the steps and very few materials. I didn’t spend more than $20 for 4 sheets of 18inch x 21inch, 2 9inch zippers.

Sewing can get a little confusing with which fabric goes in what order so it comes out correctly. I’ve learned that patterns need to be placed pretty fabric side, to the other pretty fabric side. I wanted the white fabric to be the outside and the blue fabric to be the inside. So I assembled my fabric according to my plan. With sewing, you eventually turn everything inside out and you won’t see the bad stitching that you may have done. As long as it’s somewhat even at the end. The zipper also has to be sewed onto the fabrics as well. To keep everything even and the machine doesn’t eat your fabric, using sewing puns are a life saver! The more pins the better!

As a sewed the fabric to the zipper, I realized the blue fabric that is for the inside is see through. Not my favorite look. So luckily I also bought black fabric. So I had to unstitch my very nice and tight stitch job from 3 materials. Oy vey! I found a really good trick to use to thread the needle on the machine. As you follow the path on your machine to thread it, at the end you want to pull a little more string so you can thread the little needle. I always lick the end of the thread so there are o sprouts at the end which makes it even harder to pull through. As you push the thread in the needle, you take you me pointer finger from your other hand and pull your find with the thread to the left. And vwalla! You have your needle threaded!

The foot pedal is very important to control, nice and slow so each stitch is properly attached to the thread underneath your fabric. That’s what makes your fabrics stay together and not unravel. That’s just a waste of time when you sew something and see the under thread is not catching with the thread needle. When sewing the fabrics together to close the bag up, you want to open the zipper so you are able to turn it inside out. The corners that I needed to sew straight lines for 3cm didn’t work in my favor. So I just improvised and sewed round corners. a few hours later, I had a cute bag! I had the pink tassel from a previous scrapbooking project and I love it! It’s big enough to put my essential makeup and brushes.

I will definitely be doing this tutorial again and perfect it each time! Maybe the next time I’ll use a silky material and definitely use it as a date night purse! Stay tuned for my future creative creations! Let you creativity run wild! And as usual I have a little kitten helper like I do with all my crafts!

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  1. Susan Mussotto says:

    I love your blog little girlfriend!


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