🎀Team Ella🎀

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I myself will be participating in a 5k! As some of you may know from reading my blog, my beautiful mama was diagnosed this year with Breast Cancer & is still receiving chemotherapy & soon radiation. I really wanted to do something with my family & friends to support my beautiful mama, I’ve walked for causes before in high school & with my dance studio, but this walk is super special. Finding a walk on a Sunday, my one day off, was really tough to find! With luck, my mama found a walk on a local University campus! Making Strides of South Palm Beach. If you live in South Florida & are interested in walking for a purpose, please join us! So there will be tons of people there & I wanted Team Ella to wear something where everyone knew we were walking for Team Ella. As I thought of some ideas, I finally made my mind up & choose to make shirt pins! The main reason was because it was the most inexpensive project to make for a group of 10, so far.

All I needed were a few materials!


  • Customizable Pins 2.25in. x 5.7in
  • Pink Ribbon 1 1/2 in x 4yds
  • Scissors
  • Picture of person
  • Pencil

I started to plan my trip to the store, I check my Michaels App, Joann App, & Walmart App. If I don’t go to the store without a list, I will be indecisive & look at everything & feel overwhelmed. I searched each app for the pins & ribbon. I wasn’t quit sure which store would have them for sale. Michaels is 0.5 miles away from my home so I decided to go there! The app also told me which isle to go to & there they were! There were just the amount that I needed, So convenient! The ribbon section had just the right size ribbon I was looking for, I personally wanted to use a thick size ribbon so it would be big & resemble the Brest cancer ribbon. The pins came in a package of 4, I bought 3 packs for $2.99 each. The ribbon was $4.99 per roll, just incase I bought 2. Everything else I had in my crafting closet. Yes a whole closet for crafting rather than clothes. I spent $20.09. Its not about the money though, it’s the thought that counts. I know my mama will appreciate whatever I make for her.

Before I even begin to start crafting, I like to clean up my area and make sure the counter top is clean so shmutz does not get on it for some reason. I (meaning my boyfriend Jeremy) first wanted to trace the pin around the picture of my mama. This way it would fit exactly inside the pin.

I cut around the picture exactly where I traced the line.

I printed out the picture too close together so that’s why it’s cut off more on the edges. I popped the picture in and it fit nicely, even though there is space on the sides with the big pink ribbon behind it.

I then attached the back part of the pin by just clicking it in gently. This plastic pins are fragile. I broke 2 while separating the front & back part of the pin. Half of the project is completed! Now it was time for a snack break! I made Jeremy & I PB&J sandwich’s! We have them pretty much everyday. Now to the final part, create the breast cancer ribbon.

The first thing you want to do is measure how long you want the ribbon to hang. I wanted mine pretty long so I measured it at 3 inches.

At this point, you want to fold your ribbon. Very simple right!

Now, carefully fold the ribbon forward. You can fold it in front of the ribbon that’s already there or fold it towards the back. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. But there only 2 ways to do it! You do want the ribbon to hang at the same length. I always cut longer so I’m always able to cut more if necessary.

The final step is so add the pin to the ribbon! The pin will keep the ribbon at the shape you want & it will pin to my shirt. You first want to poke the ribbon as far right as you want to go. As you can see from the picture above, you can see that my pin poked through both ribbons so it will stay together. You can tell cause the ribbon lines from behind the ribbon.

Lastly, I poked the ribbon from the back to the front so the pin would be tight & secure. You don’t want to grab too much ribbon or not enough ribbon. You don’t want the pin to be hanging off & you definitely don’t want to wrinkle the ribbon by taking too much. And now I’m finished!

So easy & fun to make! Now I gotta make 9 more! Thank G-d my boyfriend Jeremy was able to help me cut all the pictures for me. He loves helping me craft which makes me think he is so perfect! I’m so happy how these came out! My mama will love them! Now all the people on our team can wear what they want & wearing thesec pins puts the cherry on top of the cake! Go Team Ella!

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