Halloween Coooookies 👻🎃🕸🕷

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays besides my birthday. As usual, you call you friend & figure out what you guys are doing & who’s invited. This will definitely involve a pot lock or a Halloween party! Sweets come in all shapes & flavors to celebrate Halloween. I chose my favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe. Very easy & short cooking time meaning you can make more batches! I ended up making 2 batches of the sugar cookies & decorating them as I please. To decorate these cookies, Royal Icing is the perfect way to go! I wanted to design the cookies with as few colors as possible. For every color I want to use, I have to make 2 consistency: floss consistency & a thick consistency. So I decided to go with all the predictable Halloween colors: orange, white, black, purple, & green. For cookies, I like to keep the royal icing thickness on the thin side just because I don’t want a thick layer of royal icing on top of the cookie. For this reason, I use a Wilton tip #2. The tip is small enough to flood the cookie, but not too much. Once I traced my cookies & flooded all of them to specific color. I let all the cookies dry with room fans. Be careful how close to position the fans & not too high of a speed. I let them dry on my kitchen island for 30-45 minutes. Now comes the fun part!!!! Decorating & being creative is my favorite! But once again, at the end of the day the best part of making these cookies is being creative & being able to eat your finished product! These cookies are now being sold at Cafe Gelato in Pompano Beach, FL! Life’s short, easy dessert first!

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