Happy Holiday’s Potato Latkes Style!

Happy Hanukkah to all my fellow Jews. If you aren’t Jewish happy holidays! The start of the holiday season has started early this year December 3, 2018. While the gossip is always about a transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas, now think about Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. I’m not the one to complain so I just go with the flow. 8 crazy nights has begun, but it hasn’t officially started unless there are potato latkes involved. Potato latkes are my favorite part of Hanukkah. My papa has been making the same recipe every year for Hanukkah for as long as I could remember. Every year in elementary school, my papa would come & make potato latkes for my class & my brothers class. My mama was always class mom even with 4 kids & always had some awesome cool craft to make at the holiday party. I am forever grateful to my parents for what they have done for me & what they continue to do for me. I get lovey doves with my family around this time of year. The recipe is so easy & simple, once I show you, you’re going to wanna try them with your family!


  • 12 Potatoes
  • 2 White Onion
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Coconut Oil or Olive Oil
  1. Peel skins off of potatoes. Wash potatoes & let soak in water.
  1. Shred potatoes with grater size resembling hash browns or shredded cheese.
  1. Put shredded potatoes in sifter to get all the excess water out of the potatoes.
  1. Shred onion same size as potatoes.
  1. Mix potatoes, onions, salt, & pepper.
  1. Put stove on medium heat (4-5). Put oil in the pan. Don’t put latkes until the oil is at medium heat.
  1. Scoop with your hands, a small ball of potato latke, the size of your palm. Flatten the latke like a patty.
  1. Place potato latke in the pan with a spatula. Let the bottom get golden brown, until you see the middle starting to cook.
  1. Grab another spatula & use both to flip the latke until golden brown.
  1. Line a plate with plenty of paper towels to absorb any oil from the latke coming off from the pan.
  1. Grab some apple sauce, sour cream, jams, or all of the above & enjoy!

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  1. Susan Mussotto says:

    Great pictures! Love you all!

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