D.I.Y. Sprinkles!

When making any sort of dessert, a decoration is a must! You want your beautiful master piece you have been working on for hours to look amazing don’t you?! Making Valentines Day themed cookies have been in my baking to do list for two weeks. I know I needed cookie dough, royal icing & sprinkles. I looked in my baking cabinet & didn’t see any Valentines Day colored sprinkles so I decided to make them myself! I definitely wanted to make my own sprinkles to match my cookies! The process is so easy if you plan it right. Sprinkles is nothing more than royal icing piped onto parchment or wax paper in small thin rows, shapes, etc. I used left over royal icing that I didn’t use on my cookies I made few days ago. If you don’t have royal icing, CLICK HERE for my favorite recipe! All you need to do is get a baking sheet, lay parchment paper. Dab some royal icing on the corners of the wax paper touching the baking sheet so the paper will stay down.

Start to make long lines of the royal icing from left to right. For the sprinkles to keep its form, you want to make sure the royal icing consistency is medium thickness. I decided to also make little dots & hearts! At one point me hand was hurting from squeezing the bottle my icing was in but it’s so worth it! I lined two baking sheets & let them dry in my oven for at least 8 hours! Don’t touchy your sprinkles until the 8 hours are done because you will mess them up. Be patient, it’s a good trait to have. The next day I had these sprinkles ready for any dessert project I decided to make!

I finally decided to make the cookies! I baked 18 cookies & let them cool while Jeremy & I went to a natural preserve trail nearby where we live. 3 hours later, we came home & the cookies were ready to be decorated! Making Royal Icing was the next step in the process. I decided to make red, pink, & white, very traditional Valentine’s Day colors. Flooding the cookies took me no time to do since I’ve been practicing pretty often. Right after I flood my cookie & do my little touch ups, I then drop my D.I.Y. sprinkles to exactly where they need to be. There is no going back and picking out your sprinkle and fixing it. Once it’s on the cookie, it’s stuck there. I had no problem with this concept. I’m so happy when I use my leftovers & reuse my materials because sometimes baking gets expensive when you bake at least twice a week! I hope you make D.I.Y. sprinkles one day & share them with others with your creative dessert! There is a surprise about these cookies that I will be posting soon! Hint: it requires three cookies put together! Stayed tuned!

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