All About Me

Francesca Rachel is my name. 26 years young happily taken by my boyfriend Jeremy Steven for the last seven years. Rescuing our cat Sox before Hurricane Henry was the best thing we decided to do. Family comes first in my book. Running a restaurant and an ice cream/coffee cafe with my dad, and boyfriend keeps me pretty occupied. I have traveled to 7 different countries. My downtime includes crafting, eating, exercising, & chilling. I meet different people everyday and I like to hear everyone’s story and opinion about every…except politics. My creativity is not used too much as I work a lot, but this will give me an excuse to share all my scrapbooking & DIY needs! Who doesn’t love those! The reason I start this blog is to share my creative thoughts, tips & tricks, and talk to others so I can meet more people around the world. A lot of people in this world are so negative and aren’t friendly towards different people. Let’s make this Earth friendly again!