D.I.Y. Sprinkles!

When making any sort of dessert, a decoration is a must! You want your beautiful master piece you have been working on for hours to look amazing don’t you?! Making Valentines Day themed cookies have been in my baking to do list for two weeks. I know I needed cookie dough, royal icing & sprinkles….

Winter Holiday Cookies!🎄🕎⛄️🎁🍾✡️

The holiday season is my favorite. People are in a nicer mood & family time is important. The holiday season is about giving & receiving! Why not use some cookies for a gift for a hostess or your friend or co worker. Hosting any sort of party or get together can get really expensive &…

Halloween Coooookies 👻🎃🕸🕷

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays besides my birthday. As usual, you call you friend & figure out what you guys are doing & who’s invited. This will definitely involve a pot lock or a Halloween party! Sweets come in all shapes & flavors to celebrate Halloween. I chose my favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe….

Summer All Year Round

Living in South Florida, pretty much everyday is summer! I felt like I needed to keep the summer vibe going in my house. I recently bought the Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Set with imprint stamp. I purchased it at Michaels with my 40% coupon. My purse is full of coupons & such, that’s why it’s…